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Stryker’s Lacey Lady RLF (Lady)

MFTHA Registration # 15-100963 Gold Papered

Chocolate Fox Trotter Mare

This beautiful and rare chocolate fox trotter mare is a fantastic addition to our breeding program.  She is tall at 15.2hh and has a lovely solid build.  The silver gene is very rare in Missouri Fox Trotters and we jumped at the opportunity to purchase this gorgeous, sweet, well-bred, and calm mare.   Lady is lovely to ride and she is strongly and correctly gaited and smooth as silk.  She loves people, she is very calm, and absolutely beautiful.  She is one of the first mares to great you and a joy to have at the ranch.  Everyone always thinks she is a Rocky Mountain mare because of her color.   Lady had a stunning silver grulla colt Sterling with  Dunny in 2020.  This year she is in foal to Judah and she is due late June.

RR Marks Hennessey “Athena”

Bay Clydesdale Mare

Registration # F26038

Sire: Bear River Mark

Dam: Muirs Belleville Betty Jean

This gorgeous registered bay Clydesdale mare has a puppy dog personality and the kindest eyes we’ve ever seen.  She is a classic bay Clydesdale with all the preferred markings, four white socks to the knees and hocks, and a well-defined blaze.  She also has unique black running through her front right sock.   When we purchased her she was thin, covered in burrs, and had been out in a field underutilized.  We spend hours brushing the burrs and dreadlocks out of her mane, tail, and feathers and she has already gained a lot of weight.   She is very green having only been ridden a couple of times prior to us getting her but she is very intelligent, eager to please, and gentle.  Anytime we are out in the pasture she follows us around looking for attention.  She is truly a people horse and incredibly lovely.  She is very athletic, she has a ton of action, and a huge stride.  Standing at 17.2hh this mare is very impressive.  We bred Athena to Judah and she is confirmed in foal for a spring 2020 draft mule foal.   We expect a beautiful foal and look forward to continuing her training and teaching her to drive.


Fewspot Appaloosa Mare

AHC# 679162

We purchased Lena in for to champion jack Diamond Creek Major.  This mare has been ridden in the mountains and she has a great mind and disposition.   She has great bloodlines with Smart Little Lena QH in her pedigree. She has a great build, lovely mane and tail for an appaloosa, and great conformation.  She produced an exceptional loud appaloosa colt spring 2021 and we will be breeding her to Judah this year.

Amadeys Sukia  “Silver”

Silver is a beautiful ‘06 foundation bred AQHA mare who is silver grulla! Heavy Poco Bueno breeding and homozygous dun! This mare is a proven producer and 5 panel n/n.  Silver not only comes by a great pedigree, but she is a big mare with great confirmation, nice bone and feet. This gal has a great disposition she passes on to all her foals as well. She is an easy keeper, an easy breeder and gets along well with everyone in her pasture.  Standing 15 hands. She had a lovely grulla appaloosa filly in 2017 by the Appaloosa stallion Maumin Boss Hoss. We started her under saddle and she has been one of the easiest horses to start we have ever trained.  She is so calm and easy going and she passes her disposition onto her babies.  She has produced two exceptional dun mule colts, Wyatt and Doc.  Silver is confirmed back in foal to Judah for a spring 2021 mule foal.

Secret Blanca Jewel

Secret Blanca Jewel AKA: “Nova” is a sorrel fewspot who is 90% foundation and FPD eligible. The pedigree on Blanca is a strong one, going back to great foundation horses such as Colida, Prince Plaudit and more modern show horse lines such as Dreamfinder, The Secret and Charicature. This gal is going to mature into one big, impressive mare who will have some great bone and feet. She has a wonderful disposition and will be ready to join the broodmare band in the spring. Blanca is homozygous LP with one copy of PATN1 so we expect loud appaloosa mules from this beautiful girl.  Nova has produced two gorgeous appaloosa mules for us, June and Maverick.  She is confirmed in foal to Judah for a 2021 mule foal.

Snowkist Cloud “Luna”

You’d never know that under two copies of LP, this filly is a grulla leopard! This filly has been genetically tested (Ee aa LPLP PATN1/n Dd). What an outstanding, unique individual, not to mention a phenomenal color producer! Snowkist Cloud AKA: “Luna” has matured into a big, big quality mare. At 97% foundation, this filly goes back to a ton of wonderful, old breeding such as Prince Plaudit, Mighty Bright, Deacons Bonanaza, Might Peavy and Mighty Rustler. Just like her dam, Luna will be a powerhouse producer and we expect beautiful appaloosa mules from this beautiful girl.  Luna has produced two exceptional appaloosa mule foals for us, Betty and Archer.  She is back in foal to Judah for a 2021 mule foal.

SureLuck’s “April” Flower -Sold to the Mobely Family

This filly is our dream girl. She is a bay tobiano Missouri Fox Trotter from excellent bloodlines. She is the calmest sweetest filly we have ever met and was raised by TXMFT.com.  She was imprinted at birth and has been exposed to absolutely everything.  The farm where she was bred also breeds exotic animals so she is used to zebras, African plains game, and tortoises to name a few!   We cannot find a thing that scares this girl!  She is already 14.2hh at two years old and we will be waiting until she is three to breed her and ride her.     She moves beautifully and gaits everywhere she goes.   She is out of Baron’s Gold “Dolly” who is one of her breeder’s favorite all time horses. Kirsten says she’s put her dam up against any horse in the world for smoothness. Her dam does not have a bump in ANY of her gaits. Dolly is a dream to ride, neck-reins perfectly, learned to work cows a week before the World Championship in MO and won  2013 top 5 in the world AM cutting, 4th open roping, 3rd AM roping, top 10 open ranch pleasure, top 10 AM ranch pleasure, top 10 open ranch versatility, top 5 AM ranch versatility, top 10 open ranch conformation, 4th in the World Overall High Point Ranch Horse World Grand Championship.

 April was born very long-legged and is out of their famous homozygous tobiano stud Tucker, so will most likely be TALL as he throws colts that often mature over 16hh. April is not for sale at this time as she is part of our breeding program.  We affectionately call this mare Sweet Pea and she always will come greet you in the field and give you kisses.  You can almost always find her hanging out with her best friend Freya.  We have started her under saddle and found her to be very calm, willing, and easy to work with as well as smooth.  Her mane is stunning, as is her color, and conformation.  She produced a stunning bay homozygous tobiano fox trotter stud colt out of D.M. Cherokee Witch Doctor, a 16.1hh homozygous tobiano Missouri Fox Trotter stud for a 2018 foal.  We are retaining her stud colt Thunder for our breeding program and he will be standing at WEE starting 2021 to outside mares.  April gave birth to a stunning stocking legged bay molly mule named May this year by our Judah.  We bred her to Dunny this year and she is confirmed in foal for a 2020 fox trotter foal.


Fiona was our first mare after several years of not owning horses.  During this hiatus, I was still riding and training other people’s horses and mules.  I had heard there was a mare available belonging to a local vet that wasn’t getting used and she was still fairly green and spunky.  The vet had two horses they rode regularly and Fiona was a fat pasture ornament.  I went to look at her and I fell in love with her immediately.  She looked like the offspring of my grey quarter horse mare I competed with for several years and the grey Percheron mare Lucy belonging to my vaulting team.  Fiona is a very cowy Percheron/Quarter Horse cross.  She was purchased at an auction before being traded to the vet so little else is known about her history.  Fiona is 15.2hh and built like a brick house.  She’s mighty-mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out!

Fiona is built like a medieval jousting mount but manages to be incredibly athletic and lovely at the same time.  She is the horse everyone else in the herd can’t do without and she is on the top of the mare pecking order.  Everywhere we’ve boarded her before purchasing the ranch she left a trail of broken hearts behind her.  Geldings and mares alike became obsessed with being near her and all our mules are in love with her.   A particularly annoying gelding named Rambo went through a fence trying to get to her.   She is also an extremely easy keeper and gains weight just looking at hay.

After years of regular use and training, Fiona has become the most versatile horse we have.  I’ve trained her to jump, she is touch control and you can open any gate from her, and put her body anywhere you want her.  She rides very well bareback, Western, English, in a halter, and even without tack.  She is a great pack horse because she is incredibly powerful and will go anywhere you ask her to.  She is great for training horses and mules to pony as nothing bothers her and she is strong enough to drag the most stubborn animal.  She is also great for training colts, and running down animals that don’t want to be caught.  She is the rare combination of having great gas and great brakes.

Fiona has produced two gorgeous mule foals. Last year we left her open to give her a rest and we will be breeding her back to Judah this year for a 2022 mule foal.


Freya is the first filly born on the ranch and she is extremely special to us. She is a Rocky Mountain horse and color tested EeAanZ which makes her a very rare silver buckskin. She was born 05/09/2015, was imprinted at birth, and has been handled almost daily since. Her Dam Crimson Skye is a stunning mare and her Sire Comet’s Total Image is a gorgeous palomino stud residing at Hart Mountain Horses where we purchased Skye and Cinder. Freya is Skye’s first foal and truly the perfect filly. We have started training her under saddle and found her to be very calm and willing.  Freya is tolerant of just about everything from tarps, to spray bottles, clippers, and grooming. She adores people, she is naturally gaited, and her color and conformation are absolutely to die for. She is already 15hh and will likely grow more. She is a solid filly with great feet, an excellent mind, and the sweetest personality. She is everything you could want in a young Rocky Mountain filly and more.  He bloodlines are excellent containing such notable names as Tobe, Sudden Impact, Dock, and Buddy Roe just to name a few! Freya is our pride and joy! She has produced two beautiful bay mule colts for us, Theodore and Sonny.  We gave her the year off and will be breeding her back to Judah for a 2022 mule foal.

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