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  • Lorie Darlin is a 15hh 11 year old frosted spotted mammoth donkey jennet

  • Wynonna is a 15.2hh 11 year old gaited palomino molly mule. Wynonna is coming from a friend and fan of the ranch that wanted to see her used and go to a great home. Our friend runs a rescue operation and with 22 animals and Wynonna was not being ridden regularly. Wynonna was the animal they put their less experienced riders on. Gwen says “She is a wonderful girl if not somewhat opinionated at times and will take the occasional grass breaks on the trail from a less experienced rider. Other than that, her personality is a 10!!! Unfortunately we currently have 22 horses at our rescue and Wynonna is very under utilized.” We have taken Wynonna out on several rides already and into the high country and she has been fantastic. She barely needed a tune-up after almost a year off. Nothing bothers this girl and she is an intelligent, sure-footed, and calm mount. She is a smooth ride and his a nice forward moving mule that likes to ride out front but she’s fine in the middle and the back as well. She is not a poke along mule that constantly need prodding but she’ll go whatever pace you ask her to. Her color is awesome and she has little white spots and roaning in her coat when she shed out in the summer and a pretty white star on her forehead. She has great feet and we’ve had no trouble riding her barefoot in the rocky mountains. She is a willing partner, good for the farrier, good with clippers, and easy to catch. She has a sweet, goofy personality and is looking forward to being someone’s baby. We will be even more selective about her home than usual as we promised Gwen this awesome girl would go to a fantastic home.  She does great packing but she is not the right fit for a hunter because she does not like to pack dead animals.

  • Sire: Clyde’s Gallant Fox

    Dam: Secret Blanca Jewel Appaloosa Horse Club# 676577

    June is a lovely sorrel appaloosa molly mule sired by our lovely foundation few spot appaloosa mare Nova and the famous champion jack Clyde’s Gallant Fox. This molly mule filly came out of the womb friendly and drop dead gorgeous. Her markings are unique and absolutely beautiful, she is very athletic already, and has a great conformation. Her disposition is lovely and she has been handled daily since birth. When she is weaned and ready to go to her new home she will load in a trailer, pick up her feet nicely, be halter trained, and pony. She will be desensitized to multiple stimuli and be a friendly calm foal.

    Her sire Clyde’s Gallant Fox AKA Ted has now won NASMA High Point Open Donkey SIX times! He is a THREE time High Point Winner at Bishop Mule Days and holds Superior titles in EIGHT events! In 2016 he was inducted into the Bishop Mule Days Hall of Fame. He also earned a Reserve World Championship at the 2015 Western Dressage World Show competing against horses! In 2015, He sired the NASMA High Point Junior and Halter Mule and also Grand Champion Halter mules at the National Western, Houston Livestock Show, Congress and The Great Celebration in Shelbyville, TN. He has produced multiple show winning mules and donkeys with refinement, athleticism, and excellent minds.

    June’s dam Secret Blanca Jewel AKA “Nova” is a sorrel fewspot who is 90% foundation and FPD eligible. The pedigree on Blanca is a strong one, going back to great foundation horses such as Colida, Prince Plaudit and more modern show horse lines such as Dreamfinder, The Secret and Charicature. She is also a very calm mare with a lovely disposition that does not fall into the normal crazy appaloosa stereotypes. She is very easy to handle and loves people which is key in producing a friendly foal.

  • 14.1hh black 14 year old john mule

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