Cagney and Lacey

These two beautiful molly mules were purchased with three others out of the same Jack for the 2016 AMTC (American Mule Trainer’s Challenge).  The breeder of these mules died unexpectedly during a routine surgery and they and their siblings were bought from the widow with the promise that they would go to good homes.  Three trainers were at the challenge and these two were culled from the competition as they were the wildest.  They were handled minimally and are 5 or 6 years old.  They were sold at the 2016 AMTC then sold again after the owner realized they would take more time to train then he had.  They then sold to a person claiming to be a pack mule buyer.  Unfortunately they somehow ended up in a kill pen in Texas being advertised as a matching driving team.  We saw them on facebook and were touched by their story and by the beauty of these two mules and bailed them out of the kill pen.  We were then completely blown away by the outpouring of support from the mule community and their donations to help ship these mules to the Grand Ranch.  We are also very grateful to  the Feltenbergers for picking them up from the kill pen and housing and caring for them until we could arrange for shipping.  We have no delusions that training these beautiful mollies will be quick or easy but we are excited for the challenge and we have time and patience to give.  They have both made excellent progress already and they will be available for adoption after they have received additional training.  You can also follow them on our facebook page.