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Our colts are imprinted at birth and handled daily making them exceptional animals that are extremely calm and easy to handle from a very young age. We spend more time with our foals than we ever recoup with their sale price but we absolutely love producing and training phenomenal foals. They receive the best possible start and you will never meet friendlier babies with better manners than ours. We believe when we expose them to everything at a young age they become compliant friendly animals that can handle any situation. Furthermore the genetics and breeding of each and every one of our animals is world class. We have three exceptional foals born in 2018 and we will have many more by our jack Judah next year.

June Bug- $3,000

 Foaled 5/26/2018


Sire: Clyde’s Gallant Fox

Dam: Secret Blanca Jewel Appaloosa Horse Club# 676577

June is a lovely sorrel appaloosa molly mule sired by our lovely foundation few spot appaloosa mare Nova and the famous champion jack Clyde’s Gallant Fox. This molly mule filly came out of the womb friendly and drop dead gorgeous.  Her markings are unique and absolutely beautiful, she is very athletic already, and has a great conformation.  Her disposition is lovely and she has been handled daily since birth.  When she is weaned and ready to go to her new home she will load in a trailer, pick up her feet nicely, be halter trained, and pony.  She will be desensitized to multiple stimuli and be a friendly calm foal.

Her sire Clyde’s Gallant Fox AKA Ted has now won NASMA High Point Open Donkey SIX times! He is a THREE time High Point Winner at Bishop Mule Days and holds Superior titles in EIGHT events! In 2016 he was inducted into the Bishop Mule Days Hall of Fame. He also earned a Reserve World Championship at the 2015 Western Dressage World Show competing against horses! In 2015, He sired the NASMA High Point Junior and Halter Mule and also Grand Champion Halter mules at the National Western, Houston Livestock Show, Congress and The Great Celebration in Shelbyville, TN.  He has produced multiple show winning mules and donkeys with refinement, athleticism, and excellent minds.

June’s dam Secret Blanca Jewel AKA “Nova” is a sorrel fewspot who is 90% foundation and FPD eligible. The pedigree on Blanca is a strong one, going back to great foundation horses such as Colida, Prince Plaudit and more modern show horse lines such as Dreamfinder, The Secret and Charicature.  She is also a very calm mare with a lovely disposition that does not fall into the normal crazy appaloosa stereotypes.  She is very easy to handle and loves people which is key in producing a friendly foal.

Sundown Shadow- $3,000

 Foaled 5/4/2018

Sire: Sundown Cowboy RMHA#1999006378

Dam: RPM’S Doublelicious RMHA# 20081007925

is a son of Spanish Sundown, out of a Rocky Mountain Rogue(Johnson’s Tobe X Foxie Roxie) mare.  Cowboy’s 2007 son, TOO MUCH is a breeding stallion in Switzerland producing fine Rocky/Kentucky Mountain Horses of all color in Europe.  Shadow was imprinted directly after birth and has been handled daily.  Like all our foals he will be halter broke, pick up his feet, load in a trailer, he with pony, and he will be very friendly and desensitized to many stimuli by the time he is weaned and goes to his new home.

Cherokee Thunder- Not for Sale

 Foaled 4/29/2018

Sire: D.M.’s Cherokee Witch Doctor MFTHBA #01-67816

Dam: Sure Luck’s April Flower MFTHBA #14-99742

Silver Aria -SOLD to Nelson Hest Gard ranch in Oregon!

 Foaled 3/19/2017

Sire: Maumin Boss Hoss ApHC #658670

Dam: Amadeys Sukia AQHA #4899415

Aria is a gorgeous grulla filly that was imprinted at birth and handled extensively. She is gregarious, adorable, and a love bug. She is already very athletic, has a gorgeous hip, she is built very solidly, with great bone and muscle tone. She will be registered with ApHC before she is weaned. She is a lovely mover already as well and she loves to run , jump, and she turns on a dime.

Olan’s Finnegan -SOLD to the Duff family in Tennesee!

Foaled 4/25/2017

Finn is a gorgeous sorrel john mule colt with a star, dun stripe and shoulder cross. He was imprinted at birth and has been handled daily. His sire is the famous mammoth Jack Olan and his dam is my draft/quarter horse mare Fiona. She is the most versatile horse I have ever owned. She rides bareback, English, Western, jumps, packs, and ponies, and has helped me train many animals. She is very solidly built at 1,500lbs with excellent conformation, mind, and disposition.

Lyra’s Golden Comet -SOLD to the Timian family in Minnesota!

Registration pending

Foaled 5/19/2016
This gorgeous Rocky Mountain palomino filly has been imprinted at birth and is being worked with daily!  Her dam is RMP’s Doublelicious AKA Cinder and her sire is Comet’s Total Image AKA Brick.  Lyra has been color tested ee Aa nCr and does not carry the silver gene.
Brick is a gorgeous palomino stud with a very natural gait, amazing disposition, and he passes that onto his foals.  Our filly Freya’s Silver Comet is also out of Brick and she is just incredible. Her breeding is exceptional and includes lots of Tobe, Maple Squirrel, and Buddy Roe just to name a few.  Both her dam and sire are exceptionally level headed and calm as well as drop dead gorgeous with impeccable conformation and great feet.  Lyra is already gaiting and her markings and color are to die for.  She has a beautiful blaze like her sire and a sock on her left rear leg.  She is already a little love muffin and she loves people.  Her sire is 15.2hh and her dam is 15.1hh so we expect her to mature over 15hh.    This filly will be for sale at weaning at which point she will be halter broke, load in a trailer, pick up her feet, will have been ponied, stand tied, will lead well, and almost anything else you ask for that a weanling could be reasonably expected to do.  You can contact us and put a deposit down or pay for her to hold her until weaning.  She will be well socialized, exposed to animals, machinery, people, and lots of stimulus.  She will also be registered with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and will qualify for multiple additional registries.  We train our babies right off the bat to respond to pressure, tolerate clippers, loud noises, plastic bags, being touched everywhere, and anything and everything that may make them nervous.  This filly is exceptional and will make an amazing riding and/or brood mare.  We are already head over heals for this girl so we will be picky and only sell her to her forever home.

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