IMG_7610“I bought Turbo, a 6 year old dunn john mule from the Grand Ranch in July of this year.  I had just lost my quarter horse mare that I had for 15 years.  I was devastated.  My husband had purchased a mule 3 years ago and I decided that I wanted a mule also.  I began my search on and found a mule for sale that caught my eye, and after reading the ad, caught my heart as well.  The picture was of this beautiful light colored dunn mule with stipes on his legs.  His face was beautiful and the eyes were soft.  Then I read the ad.  The ad described this mule as young, gentle, and loves attention. It also said that this mule was calm and had not spooked at anything.  I don’t remember anything else about the ad, but knew I wanted to get more information.  After a couple of conversations with Katherine Grand, I knew I wanted this young mule.  I had just started a new job here in Arizona and could not go to Colorado to check him out.  So, my husband (Bill) went.  He left early on a Thursday morning and arrived at the ranch in the early evening.  Bill spent a little time with Turbo, saddled him, and rode him.  I was so excited I called him, before he could call me, to find out if Turbo was everything the ad, and Katherine had said he was.  Bill said he was everything and more.  I told him to bring him home.  The next morning Bill loaded Turbo in the horse trailer, and brought him home.  I couldn’t wait to meet him.  Bill arrived back in New River at our home around 6 that evening.  I was there, along with our special friends, and a box of Vanilla Wafers that Katherine had said he loves.  He walked into his new home like he always lived here.
We have taken Turbo on numerous trail rides, and he has never spooked.  He loves taking the lead, but is comfortable no matter what position he is in when trail riding with other mules and horses.  He has had bicycles and people come straight at him and has never shyed away.  He has walked through water and brush of many kinds and has never hesitated to go.  He is truly everything Katherine said he was and more.”  – Rozanne Parker AZ




samule“Katherine: I just want to write a note to tell you how much we love Samule- He is everything you said he was and more. As you know Jeff had been looking for a mule for a very long time and he is a very particular customer. They are the perfect match for each other and he is a great addition. Jeff has ridden him almost every day, work him with cows and we can’t wait to take him to the Mt. I also love riding him but need a ladder to up get in the saddle or at least a good boost. You were great to work with and I hope to do so again in the future.” –Julia Spring CO







image002We purchased Lyra’s Golden Comet from Katherine and Eric Grand when she was only one month old.  Some people might think we were a little crazy, but after seeing Lyra in a post and speaking with Katherine the first time I knew she was exactly what we were looking for in a weanling.   After some great conversation, we sent Katherine a deposit and made arrangements to pick her up in 4 months.  Katherine did an amazing job of keeping us up-to-date on her progress, personality and how she was growing.   We got pictures and fun videos.   They kept us posted on all Lyra was doing each week.   They spent time exposing her to all of her surroundings on their ranch, from walks through the chicken yard, water filled irrigation ditches and over the back deck of the house.   The Grands did an excellent job of imprinting her and went above and beyond in keeping us involved even with the distance.    We drove to Gunnison to pick Lyra up in mid October.   Now mind you, we live over 1,100 miles from the Grand Ranch, so this was going to be a big undertaking, as I didn’t what her shipped by commercial transport methods.   Katherine again went above and beyond, setting up the vet check and getting all her papers in order so we could transport her across state lines.    When we arrived Lyra was out with her mom, and surrounded by corrals of mules and other horses.    Lyra was not the least bit shy or nervous having us around and enjoyed every minute of the attention.   Another indication of the great imprinting job they have done.   All of their horses and mules looked for attention, again showing us what a great repiore they have with their horses and mules.   Katherine, Eric and other family members made us feel so welcome, allowed us time with Lyra before loading and openly shared their plans and dreams with us for their Ranch.    We pulled out of their driveway, with Lyra safely and easily loaded into our trailer, there were tears of joy and sorrow.  Lyra’s long trip home and the transition she has had to make has all gone so smoothly.  I feel it is all due to the great job that Katherine and Eric did with her while she was in their care.    She is an amazing filly, strong, loving, and so much personality.   Lyra has adjust to all the transitions like a trooper, and this was only possible because of all the time they spent with Lyra.
 Katherine and Eric Grand are honest  and open, something you don’t find easily in the horse industry.   They do what they say, and follow through with everything they do.   Katherine and Eric are amazing, gracious, all giving folks, and played a great part in the blessing we received when we got to make Lyra part of our family.
Wishing them many blessings now and into the future.
Sandy and Keith Sorensen


IMG_7966 I’ve been lucky enough to have known Katherine for 4 years now. With her knowledge and enthusiasm, she gave me the confidence to put one foot in front of the other, to gain an animal that would add a whole new perspective on back country travel and big game hunting. I had to wait until I had bi lateral knee replacements to actually look at options for carrying a load into the wilderness. Katherine knew that I was a total green horn. My wife Carla, had a few horse trips over the years and always encouraged us to purchase some animals to help us out; now that we’re not 50 anymore! As the saying goes ” when the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Enter Katherine and Eric and a mule that we named Walter.What Katherine found for us has been an almost perfect match for us. Our only glitch has been the trailer I got for him ;an old ’72 straight load claustrophobic entity. We’re working on it and gaining ground. He loads just fine in a slant load trailer and with Katherine’s help and guidance, I’m certain this trailer thing can get worked out.One of the biggest things that Katherine instilled in us, was to always end on a good note with the training processes. She has so much passion for the animals she owns and trains. She wants them to be as good as they can be before she is comfortable turning over the reigns. Katherine did an excellent job finishing off Walter and resolving his initial quirks. When he arrived in late April, we saw that he needed some good exercise and some good feed to build up some muscle mass. Not that he was in terrible shape, but the country that he’ll be traveling in will require strength, endurance and a steady calm disposition. I believe that Katherine’s careful initial research was invaluable. Our mule needed to not be too tall because of my limited range of motion with knee replacements. He needed to be comfortable with dogs and comfortable with being alone. The most important piece, is his calm “old soul” disposition that allows us to feel confident that we can work through challenge. Katherine had the challenge of training myself, my wife, and Walter. Within two months of training all of us,we were certain we were ready to purchase Walter and feel comfortable that we can enjoy riding and maintaining our first equine. The training is always on going, but Katherine and Eric have always been willing to help with anything that would make our equine ownership easier. Often, they would offer to take us out in the back country so we can truly experience what a mule can do for us. They even offered to help clear some land on my property so I can live the dream of walking out my door and be on the trails in ten minutes. The Grand Ranch truly wants our mule ownership to be an enjoyable one.
I strongly recommend that if you are in the market for a gaited horse or mule, or if your equine needs some finishing, that you look and see what The Grand Ranch can do for you!
Tom Marshall