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For years we have been looking for quality mammoth jennets to expand our breeding program to encompass breeding large quality mammoth donkeys in addition to mules.  We have found some exceptional jennets and our patience has paid off.  We are very committed to preserving mammoth donkeys in accordance with the breed standards that were established when this magnificent breed was started.

West Elk Calypso June

Foaled: 2014

ADMS #Pending

June is a drop-dead-gorgeous 15.2hh spotted jennet that is built like a brick house, she is taller than any spotted jennet we have ever seen, and she moves like a horse.  We followed up with her owners for months before they agreed to sell her to us.  I have often compared her to a unicorn as I have never seen her equal and she is as rare as she is beautiful.  She has awesome bone, gorgeous conformation, and her color and markings are stunning.  June came to us unsure about people and difficult to catch.  She has already made huge strides and we are now able to catch her within 5 minutes.  She is confirmed in foal to Judah for her first 2021 mammoth donkey foal.  She is an amazing asset to our breeding program, pun intended.

RMS Lorie Darlin

Foaled 4/28/2008

ADMS #Pending

Sire: Heart B Mister A-10318

Dam: RMS Sheza Lusora

Lorie Darlin is a gorgeous 15hh frosted spotted mammoth Jennet and one of the last donkeys bred by Rocky Mountain Songbirds in Montana. She is a picture perfect Jennet with gorgeous conformation, bone, and color. She has an awesome disposition and she is a nice safe saddle donkey to boot! She was super easy to train under saddle as she is a quick learner and she is eager to please. We have put beginner riders on her with no issues and she is a super fun girl to ride.  She has excellent bloodlines including Black Bart, and Ramrod. This sweet girl produced a gorgeous mammoth donkey jack Woodrowwith Judah in 2020.  She is open this year and we will be breeding her back to Judah this spring.

West Elk Rose

ADMS Registration Pending

Foaled 2016

Rose is 5 years old and stands at 14.3hh.  She is a very special Jennet and she is very affectionate and easy to handle.    She has an incredibly sweet personality, curious nature, and the kindest eyes you have ever seen.  She has excellent bone, a great conformation, nice straight legs, and a lovely head.  She will be registered ADMS after she is inspected.  We will be breeding her to Judah this year for a 2022 mammoth donkey foal.

West Elk Astrid

AMJA Registered

Foaled 2015
Astrid is the tallest of the four jennets we purchased together at 15.2hh and she is beautifully built.  Astrid fits the standards of what a mammoth donkey should be perfectly.  Astrid is currently open and we are planning on breeding her to Judah this spring.  Astrid is learning quickly to tolerate handling, being caught, and lead.  She has a beautiful face, excellent bone, beautiful conformation, and she is a sweet, curious girl.  Astrid is confirmed in foal to Judah and due in early July for her first foal.

West Elk Ruth

AMJA Registered

Foaled 2015

Ruth is a 15hh Jennet at 3 years  with time to grow.  She looks very similar to Rose and we often have a tough time telling them apart.   She has an incredibly sweet personality, curious nature, and the kindest eyes you have ever seen.  She has excellent bone, a great conformation, nice straight legs, and a lovely head.  She produced a beautiful mammoth jack colt Josiah with Judah in 2020 and she is confirmed back in foal to Judah for a 2021 mammoth donkey foal.  She is registered with AMJA based on her measurements and characteristics.

West Elk Equine

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